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Why Do We Need Your Vehicle's Registration?
We like to be clear with our customers exactly why we need the information we ask for and how we use it. We use your vehicles registration to get technical information about your vehicle. This information allows us to more accurately find parts for your vehicle. For example, a manually selected vehicle, say, a Ford Focus 1.8 2008 Petrol, would not tell us whether it was a hatchback, estate or saloon. Therefore, we would have to show all parts for every Ford Focus 1.8 2008 Petrol, even though they may not all be suitable for the vehicle. By using your vehicle's registration, we can better filter out parts that will not fit your vehicle. This makes it easier and quicker to get the correct parts every time.

What Information Does The Registration Give Us?
The information we get using your vehicle registration relates only to the vehicles specifications. We do not receive any information about the vehicles owner, mileage, history or finance status.

What Else Do We Do With The Information?
We never use any information about a vehicle for anything other than looking up vehicle parts. We never give any information to third parties and we never use infomation for advertising.