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Genuine Parts

We have been in the parts business for over 40 years and often hear the phrase: "I only fit genuine parts to protect my warranty"

There is a common belief in the UK that the only way to protect a vehicle's warranty is to use the Main Dealer for servicing and parts.


The law in the UK states that any parts that are of equal quality to the original parts fitted to the vehicle will NOT invalidate that vehicle's warranty.

The Vehicle manufacturers and Main Dealers may insist that this is not the case, if they do, simply ask them to put that in writing, we are confident that they will not oblige, as they know that it is against the law.

ALL our parts are of equal or higher quality than the original parts fitted to the vehicle.

We deal direct with the same suppliers of parts that the vehicle manufacturers use and by cutting out the 'vehicle manufacturer middle men' we SAVE YOU MONEY.

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